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Episode 2 - Memories & Motherhood with M Dragu

When I was a fledgling performance artist, Margaret Dragu was and still is ICONIC in the live art scene. Smart, funny, down to earth yet consumately regal - La Dragu helped form who I would become as an artist simply by being there and being accessible. She is formidable, and I am still humbled to be able to call her a friend and mentor. 


We met in her kitchen on the May long weekend to talk about her memories of seamline, the nature of motherhood and family, chosen or otherwise, and what makes good live art. Please enjoy.


WARNING: the interverview includes discussion of family violence and trauma and may be upsetting for some readers/listerners. 


(addendum - audio quality is ... variable ... a full PDF of the text will be available.)




Links to content mentioned: 

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An archive of research and creative production by the artists Margaret Dragu, Britta Wirthmüller, Justine A. Chambers, and William Locke Wheeler.


From 20 years ago, the left torso at the HAG


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