Julianna Barabas - Artist, Speaker, Educator, Change Catalyst

Antidote at Edgy Women

2011 Edgy Women XVIII

Annie Sprinkle & Elizabeth Stephens (San Francisco) (performance & artist talk)


Karen Sherman (Mineapolis) (performance)

Janine Eisenaecher (Berlin) (performance)

Amalie Atkins (Saskatoon) (performance)

Julianna Barabas (Calgary) (performance)

Laura Margita (Saskatoon) (performance)


In 2011, curator Victoria Stanton took a risk - and brought together the work of 5 artists whose work she had only ever heard described, but had never seen. My performance 'Antidote' was invited as part of that group. The performances took place at La Centrale in Montreal. 


Cindy Baker, long time friend and collaborator to Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens, was to represent the Blue Chakra at the couples White Wedding in Ottowa as part of Edgy Women. Cindy needed another person to help - and I was fortunate to be available. The event was epic in scale, rich and layered in meanings I am still unpacking. https://sprinklestephens.ucsc.edu/2011/03/26/white-wedding/

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